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Introducing Conservation Management the Case of the Franciscan Site of Olinda (Brazil)

ZANCHETI, Sílvio Mendes 


Conservation management is a new field in the architectural heritage conservation of Brazil. The main conservation practice has been the restoration and the maintenance. The Franciscan Site of Olinda was the first building of the Franciscan Order in Brazil. The site is considered one of the most magnificent buildings of the country and is the symbol of Olinda as a World Heritage City. Nowadays, the state of conservation of the site is not completely satisfactory. Since 2007 the site has had a conservation and management plan to guide interventions and maintenance of the building. It has been implemented since its completion and its central feature is the management component that organizes a process to make conservation a self-sufficient activity within a period of ten years. The conservation and management plan introduced a new vision regarding the way the site is managed. It has organized long-term planning activities, especially those related to the future use of their properties and associated revenues.




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